Everything in management is very simple,
but that does not mean that everything
in management is very easy.*

* With apologies to Karl von Clausewitz

About Morgen Witzel

Over the past 20 years Morgen Witzel has established a international reputation for innovative thinking, teaching and clear incisive writing about a range of management issues.

Morgen Witzel is an internationally known writer, lecturer and thinker on the problems of management. His 22 books have been published in many languages and have sold more than 90,000 copies worldwide. He has published more than 4,000 articles in publications including the Financial Times, Financial World, The Smart Manager, EFMD Global Quarterly and many others. For the past 10 years he has taught at the University of Exeter Business School and been part of the teaching faculty group at their innovative One Planet MBA Programme. He is a Fellow of the University's Centre for Leadership Studies.

Morgen’s writing, teaching, and consulting goes to the heart of what it means to be a manager today. He cuts through the superficial and the fads, and strips back the tasks and principles of management to their bare essence. What do people need to know in order to prosper in business today? How can they best face an uncertain future? What are the fundamental practices of good management that need to be observed, now and always? These are the questions his work strives to answer.