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Morgen Witzel grew up in rural British Columbia. His first job as a writer was as a summer journalist on the award-winning Salmon Arm Observer, an independently-owned newspaper in central British Columbia. After taking his undergraduate degree in History and a Masters degree in Renaissance History at the University of Victoria, Morgen moved with his wife to Britain where he began work as a self-employed researcher, editor and writer. He is a partner (with Marilyn Livingstone) in the publishing services company, Western Writers’ Block and the research company, Carucate Research Partnership.

Since moving to the UK Morgen has taught at London Business School and Exeter Business School and worked with the Winthrop Group, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Business Link Directorate, The Business Support Network, Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young, European Business Forum (commissioning editor), Cranfield School of Management, Durham University Business School, IMD Business School, the University of Guelph, the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, Barclays Bank and Bausch & Lomb UK.

In the world of publishing he has worked with companies including Routledge, Thompson Learning, Thoemmes Press, ThomsonReuters, Continuum International and Silverdart Publishing. He was project manager and editor for several major works for Thoemmes Press including the Biographical Dictionary of Management and E.F.L. Brech’s monumental work of management history, The Evolution of Modern Management. He also edited several series about the history of management for Thoemmes Press.

Morgen’s books have been published by Bloomsbury, Penguin Books, Routledge/Taylor Francis, Palgrave Macmillan, FT-Prentice Hall, Longmans, Continuum and Thomson Learning.

Morgen is a also trustee of EDP, an Exeter based charity that works with substance abuse.

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