We examine the present in light of the past
so as to better understand the future.
John Maynard Keynes

* With apologies to Karl von Clausewitz
26th March 2014

I read an interesting article in Real Business on virtual working last week - http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/26057-the-impact-of-virtual-relationships-on-the-workplace- . I made the comment when More...

17th March 2014

Writers are solitary creatures, by habit if not by nature. Writing is essentially a solo activity; I am lucky enough to have a regular writing partner who understands me and my work, but even so a More...

12th March 2014

It’s true. Companies can and do outsource everything: R&D, production, marketing, sales, payroll, human resource management, maintenance... Name a business function, and some company somewhere More...

7th March 2014

It has been a week of firsts. I have visited Dubai for the first time. I have attended my first literary festival, as a speaker at the Emirates Festival of Literature. And I have, for the first time, More...

5th March 2014

I have just finished ‘teaching’ a module on the One Planet MBA Programme at the University of Exeter Business School. The module was entitled The Human Factor in Sustainable Organisations, More...

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