We examine the present in light of the past
so as to better understand the future.
John Maynard Keynes

* With apologies to Karl von Clausewitz
28th May 2014

Have you ever noticed how, in Star Wars films, the imperial stormtroopers have head-to-toe body armour; yet whenever Han or Luke or Princess Leia shoots one of them, they immediately fall down? This More...

20th May 2014

(First published as an editorial in Corporate Finance Review , Sept-Oct 2012)   From the editor Another banking scandal, another conspiracy unmasked. Executives at an investment More...

15th May 2014

Are teams always as effective as they might be, or should be? The theory is that a good team is greater than the sum of its parts. Working with others enhances our individual efforts and we achieve More...

12th May 2014

Last week I read a very timely article in The Guardian by Oliver Burkeman on the debate between supporters of logical thinking and intuitive thinking or ‘gut instinct’ (http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/may/04/advice-stock-market-crashes-plane-disasters-bad-weather-risk-not-reading) More...

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