Our task as management educators is to work out what management is for and what its principles are, and then to teach those to a new generation so that they tackle the problems of present and future with confidence and skill.
from A History of Management Thought

* With apologies to Karl von Clausewitz


Managing for Success
Managing for Success
Morgen Witzel
Bloomsbury, April 2015
The damage that incompetent managers do is incalculable. Every year they wipe tens of billions off the value of companies around the world. But the routinely incompetent behaviour that leads to failure is often covered up, incompetent managers are paid off and the causes of failure are swept under the carpet. Yet, most of these failures could have been avoided if only we knew how to spot the signs of incompetence in advance, and take steps to prevent it happening. Prevention is always better, and cheaper, than cure. Morgen Witzel tackles the problem of incompetence in the round by exploring the political, cultural, psychological & personal factors that lead to incompetency at every level of business. Arrogance, excessive reliance on formal plans & metrics, lack of professional pride, & poor and misguided business education and training are among the problems that drag businesses down.

Management from the Masters
Management from the Masters
Morgen Witzel
Bloomsbury, January 2014
“Morgen Witzel, one of the world’s leading management historians has done it again. He has written another outstanding book that is a pleasure to read and at the same time makes us think deeply about important management principles that are historical yet entirely relevant for our challenging global economy.” – Karl Moore, Associate Professor, McGill University

Management from the Masters
Management from the Masters
Morgen Witzel
Portfolio, Penguin Books India, July 2013

The Oxford Handbook of Management Theorists
The Oxford Handbook of Management Theorists
Morgen Witzel and Malcolm Warner, edtiors
OUP, February 2013
Contributors: Frances Abraham, Mie Augier, Kyle Bruce, John Child, Robert F Conti, Dame Sandra Dawson, Andrea Gabor, Cameron Guthrie, Alexandra Klein, William Lazonick, Ray Loveridge, John Mathews, Joseph P. Mahoney, Bernard Mees, Karl Moore, Jean-Louis Peaucelle, Christos Pitelis, Susan Segal-Horn J.-C. Spender, Peter Starbuck, Monir Tayeb, Andrew Thomson, Malcolm Warner, Peter Williamson, John Wilson, Keeley Wilson, Morgen Witzel, Mohamed Zairi, Milan Zeleny

Management Frameworks
Management Frameworks
Morgen Witzel (with Jacques Kemp and Andreas Schotter)
Routledge, November 2012

A History of Management Thought
A History of Management Thought
Morgen Witzel
Routledge/Taylor & Francis, December 2011
Tells the fascinating story of how management thinking has changed, shifted, evolved and developed down through the centuries.

Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand
Tata: The Evolution of a Corporate Brand
Morgen Witzel
Penguin (India), July 2010

How to be your own Management Guru
How to be your own Management Guru
Morgen Witzel
Penguin (India), 2010

Management History: Text and Cases
Management History: Text and Cases
Morgen Witzel
Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2009

Doing Business in China
Doing Business in China
Morgen Witzel (with Tim Ambler and Chao Xi)
Routledge, 3rd Edition, 2008

Management: The Basics
Management: The Basics
Morgen Witzel
Routledge, 2004

Other publications

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Article series and supplements

'Gurumantra', a series of articles for The Smart Manager (Bombay), published from 2002 to the present.

European Business Forum, 'History Lesson', quarterly article on business history themes, 2002-2008.

'The Corporate Life Cycle', daily feature in the Financial Times which appeared throughout August 2004.

'Management Gurus', daily feature in the Financial Times which appeared throughout August 2003.

'Management A-Z', daily feature in the Financial Times through August 2002.

Financial Times Mastering Management Review, bimonthly column on business history themes, 1998-9.
Individual articles and cases
This list only includes major papers and chapters, and does not include individual newspaper articles, short biographical essays, reviews and the like.

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